Why Should I Take CBD?

Why Should I take CBD?

CBD is a popular wellness supplement for very good reason. Although the scientific community is still learning about CBD and our vast endocannabinoid system, what we currently know is encouraging. CBD appears to work with the body’s ECS to promote balance and wellness. Additionally, it shows great promise treating chronic pain, mood disorders, trauma, PTSD, boosting heart health, balancing the immune and digestive systems and more.

Why Should I Take CBD: What Is CBD?

CBD is a natural cannabinoid produced by hemp, cannabis, and the body of almost every animal with a spine. If we consume additional cannabinoids from hemp or cannabis, the abundance alters communication between cells. Since this is how our bodies function, adding CBD can cause a wide range of reactions.

Cannabinoids are organic compounds that we call the ‘active ingredients’ in hemp and cannabis. We value them as a big part of our wellness routine.

Why Should I Take CBD: CBD Side Effects

CBD produces few side effects and those experienced are mild. You would have to take a very large amount of CBD in order to experience any adverse effects. Read more about the side effects here.

Why Should I Take CBD: How To Take CBD

CBD comes in many forms from capsules to tinctures and everything in between. You can rub CBD rich creams on your skin or consume hemp oil. Many people like to vape their CBD instead. Vapeable CBD comes in prefilled cartridges you simply pop on a vape battery or in bottles with droppers allowing you to fill your own cartridges.

There is also CBD crumble, another form of CBD concentrate for vaping. This looks like small pebbles and is perfect for electric vapes or dab rigs.

CBD edibles are another popular dosing method. Candies like gummy bears make it easy and fun to remember to take your supplements.

Why Should I Take CBD: The Medical Community And CBD

The scientific and medical communities are really turning around on CBD. We currently have some solid research demonstrating CBD’s beneficial effects. Furthermore, more countries are allowing cannabis research. That’s the only way we’ll ever truly understand this fascinating plant and its cousin, hemp.

If you’d like to brush up on the amazing research into CBD, we like to recommend Project CBD. They are a comprehensive resource for all current developments surrounding this substance.

Why Should I Take CBD: Legal Risks Of CBD

Any CBD you buy here at Just Hemp Co. is extracted from simple hemp plants. These plants are grown legally and contain so little THC they do not fall into the category of a drug. While the FDA hasn’t approved CBD supplements yet, they have granted permission for medication based on CBD to come to market.

While CBD occupies a gray area in the cannabis conversation, most people buy and sell CBD with no legal problems whatsoever. Your employers will never even know you use it, since it won’t show up on a drug test. This allows thousands of people to discreetly boost their wellness every single day.

Best of all, CBD produces no ‘high’ or feeling of intoxication. That makes it safe to take any time of the day or night regardless of your activities.


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