What Is CBD Lip Balm?

What Is CBD Lip Balm

What Is CBD Lip Balm?

CBD therapy is vast, encompassing many delivery systems. While some people vape or eat their CBD, others seek topical applications. There are several benefits to using CBD topically and CBD lip balm delivers all of these and more.

CBD is especially suited to topical application because of its ability to enhance skin, hair and nails. That goes for the skin on your lips, too.

What Is CBD Lip Balm: What Is CBD?

First, a refresher about what CBD is. Also known as cannabidiol, CBD is a natural compound that cannabis and hemp create. Hemp oil is removed from the seeds and stalks of these plants. After it’s separated from the plant, it gets mixed into balms, lotions, salves, or even used in its pure oil form. Think olive or almond oil.

This is not the same as CBD vape oil, which is a different kind of substance entirely. It isn’t really ‘oil’ at all. Instead, vape oil contains cannabinoids extracted from the plant. It’s a little more like an essential oil than it is a true oil.

Our CBD lip balm is full-spectrum and phytocannabinoid rich containing nourishing plant oils to boost the effectiveness of the CBD itself.

What Is CBD Lip Balm: Benefits of CBD Topicals

CBD lip products themselves deliver multiple benefits. Like regular chapstick, CBD chapstick is going to sooth and moisturize the lips. Additionally, CBD oil promotes healing, creating a lot more benefits. CBD oil works to enhance the exterior level of the lip’s skin when it’s utilized in a lip balm.
CBD lip balms and creams contain vitamins, minerals, proteins, and essential fatty acids. These substances all encourage skin health. Vitamins A and D support skin cell development and also inhibit oil production. Like CBD, Vitamins C and also E are anti-oxidants that defend the skin’s elastin and collagen against damage from free radicals and the sunshine. B complex vitamins function together with the building process for skin, hair and nails to avoid dermatitis, baldness, along with various other skin problems.
CBD oil lip balms and chapsticks also contain antiinflammatory properties. This can reduce swelling and irritation.
Along with CBD’s presence in lip balms, it’s a superstar in other skin care products. its anti-inflammatory properties make it ideal for topical products. Lotions, face masks, and serums containing CBD can minimize blemishes, swelling, and redness. CBD skin care is the wave of the future.

But that’s not all. CBD is also an important antioxidant, which means it protects skin from free radicals found in pollutants, smoke, and uv rays. Free radicals lead to fine lines and wrinkles.

Let’s not forget that cannabinoid receptors exist in your skin, meaning CBD you put on your lips can bind to any available receptor to inspire healing and balance.

What Is CBD Lip Balm: Topical CBD Delivers Speedy Results

Topicals go on problem areas directly, therefore the CBD oil can work acutely. Ingesting CBD products orally causes CBD to go into the blood stream, which elicits full body effects and also takes as many as two hours to experience. Conversely, with CBD topicals, the healing compouns are quickly absorbed right through the skin.

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