All About CBD Edibles

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All About CBD Edibles

We carry a variety of CBD edibles because we understand what a valuable smoke-free option it is. Anyone who wants to welcome CBD based wellness into their lives without any of the dangers of smoking turn to edibles. While tinctures are their own separate entity, we will include them here as part of our edible line of CBD products.

Vaping is all well and good, a method enjoyed by many of our customers. However, if you don’t want to purchase any new equipment, edibles are pure and safe.

Finally, CBD edibles are easier to dose accurately. Perhaps the best thing about them is how completely discreet they are. Nobody will know you are taking your medication.

About CBD Edibles: CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are fun, fruity and discreet. Candy is an ideal option for anyone without children (please protect your kids from your edibles, even safe CBD ones!). It’s also a bonus if you have a sweet tooth.

About CBD Edibles: CBD Tincture

Our CBD tincture contains organic CBD Hemp. It is the highest quality, Non GMO, Organic CBD and Phytocannabinoid – Rich (PCR). This tincture is oil based, created with hemp seed oil and grape seed oil for sub-lingual applications. A few drops under your tongue deliver powerful wellness with ease.

If you prefer, you can add your tincture to a bottle of water and sip it continuously all day. Simply shake before drinking to help the oil and water mix. This is a great method for an extended release type effect.

Some tinctures are alcohol based but that wasn’t the choice we made. While these are certainly effective, they’re off limits to anyone in recovery or who abstains for any spiritual or lifestyle reasons. Our oil-based formula makes this worry a thing of the past.

Interested in flavored tinctures? We’ve got you covered! Stay tuned for the launch!

CBD Hemp Isolate Powder

Another great addition to your water or smoothies is our CBD hemp isolate powder. It’s smooth and dissolves evenly delivering almost effortless wellness anywhere you go.

About CBD Edibles: Pure, Clean Edibles

Our CBD edibles are pure, without any synthetic ingredients to scare you. They’re culinary preparations that are food safe, easy to use, and discreet enough to take on the go.

Don’t worry about any drug tests or intoxication either. Our products are full spectrum but contain zero THC. That means they won’t get you high or show up on a drug test. They’re simply wellness supplements that we believe in and can’t wait to share with you.

About CBD Edibles: Other Smoke-Free Options

We also have topical CBD products like lip balm, salve, lotion and more. These aren’t exactly edibles, but they do offer localized smoke-free wellness. They’re another great option for anyone adverse to smoking.

Do you have a loved one who could benefit from some CBD in their wellness routine? Please help us spread the message and achieve our goal of making the world a healthier place by sharing this post with them. We really appreciate it.

If you have any questions prior to ordering, don’t hesitate to reach out. We love hearing from you both before and after the sale.

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