Legal Disclaimer

Legal Disclaimer


We invite all customers of Just Hemp Co, LLC to write and share their experiences on our products. All blogs and review entries on this website are solely the opinion of their respective author and not those of Just Hemp Co LLC or its affiliates. Just Hemp Co, LLC neither sponsors, endorses, nor shares the opinion of the author(s). Just Hemp Co LLC has not authorized or verified any statement of fact in any blog and review and the company is not responsible for any opinion posted by other parties. Just Hemp Co LLC may from time to time determine the appropriateness of the submitted blog and review posts for publication on its website, related social media outlets, and in print at its sole discretion. We always invite your comments and you are welcome to contact us for further information.

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This website contains certain “forward-looking statements”. Such forward-looking statements are sometimes identified by words such as “intends”, “anticipates”, “believes”, “expects”, and “hopes” and may include, without limitation, statements regarding Just Hemp Co, LLC’s plan of business operations and involve a number of risks and uncertainties. Such factors include, among others, the willingness and ability of third parties to honor their contractual obligations, the decisions of third parties over which Just Hemp Co, LLC has no control, commodity prices, environments and government regulations, availability of financing, judicial proceedings, force majeure events, and other risk factors. Many of these factors are beyond Just Hemp Co, LLC’s ability to control and predict. Users are cautioned not to put unwarrantedconfidence on forward-looking statements. Except as otherwise required by applicable statues or regulations, Just Hemp Co, LLC disclaims any intent or obligation to update publicly these forward looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events, or otherwise. Nothing on this website is either an offer to purchase, or a solicitation of an offer to sell interests and securities of Just Hemp Co, LLC or any other entity.

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